Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement consist an implant can be inserted under the breast to improve the size and the shape of the breasts in cases where they are considered too small, to correct a difference in size between each of the breasts where one is larger than the other, or to correct the size and shape of the breast after the effects of pregnancy and breast-feeding.

How is done?

A breast enlargement is performed with the patient under general anesthetic and in a clinic or hospital, in a procedure which lasts approximately a couple of hours.

The implant can be inserted under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle, inserting it through a small incision which will leave a scar which will be practically invisible. This insertion can be done three of the following ways:

► Through an insertion in the areola (nipple)

► Through an insertion under the breast (in the crease of the breast)

► Through an insertion under the arm (armpit)

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Recovery after the breast implant

The breast enlargement will no stop the patient from returning to work within a few days. Each woman can and should continue with their routine mammogram check-ups appropriate to their age, advising the doctor of the implants. There will be no problems with breast-feeding.

Despite the fact that it is a safe technique, occasionally there may be complications such as capsular contraction which occurs when the scar tissue surrounding the implant internally contracts to excess making the breast hard, in which case a new operation is required.

More information

After surgery it is normal to feel tired for a few days. The breasts may be uncomfortable for a few weeks although the first few days tend to be the most uncomfortable.

The speed of the recovery depends on each patient, with some being able to return to everyday life after the first few days, although generally this takes around a week from the operation.

The stitches tend to be removed after the first or second week and the bruising disappears completely in the majority of cases after 3 to 6 weeks..

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