The otoplasty is a surgical technique to reduce the size of over-sized ears or correct those that are prominent or “sticking out” back to a position that is closer to the head.

It is important to note that an exact and perfect symmetry is never achieved, which would in fact be unnatural. Instead what is achieved is a noticeable improvement. The psychological and emotional standpoint of this is significant particularly for children and adolescents. Otoplasty is one of the few techniques carried out on children as well as on adults.

How is done?

The duration of the Otoplasty procedure is between two and three hours. More complex cases may take longer, with a small incision behind the ear to ensure the scar is hidden behind the lobe. From the point of the incision the cartilage is remolded so that it folds in appropriate points, leaving a natural appearance.

At the end of the surgery, a bandage is placed around the head which will be changed for another lighter one a few days later. The use of an elastic strap should then be used most importantly at night to avoid the ear bending during sleep.

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Recovery and results

The majority of patients can return to work after a few days, or in the case of children can return to school. However patients should take particular care when carrying out physical activities and during the first month these should be avoided altogether because they could cause the ear to bend.

Not only do we perform Otoplasty to correct “sticking out” ears but also constricted ear or cup ear, as well as elongated or almond-shaped lobes. A new ear can even be created where one is lost by an accident or where a patient has been born without one.

More information about the operation of the Otoplasty

However, remember that each case and each patient may vary, and therefore this information should be taken purely as a general guide and explanation. It should not be considered a replacement of the detailed information that the surgeon Dr. Ruiz Ruiz will provide during the personal consultation and evaluation with her.

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