A blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) corrects the drooping of the eyelids and bags under the eyes which is one of the problems which causes the face to age or give an appearance of tiredness. The surgical procedure consists of removing the fat and the excess eyelid skin and muscle.

How is done?

To begin with, some incisions are made in the skin of the eyelids in order to detach and remove the excess skin and orbicular muscle. Then the appropriate amount of fat is removed in order to eliminate the under-eye bags and, lastly, the incisions are closed with very fine sutures. After the procedure an ophthalmic cream and dressings with saline solution are applied to reduce discomfort and swelling.

The procedure is normally performed under local anesthetic and mild sedation, but sometimes under general anesthetic and the patient asleep. The blepharoplasty lasts approximately one or two hours, in a clinic or hospital, and it is not necessary to remain in the clinic for more than a few hours after surgery.

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Recovery after Blepharoplasty surgery

The healing of the eyelids tends to be excellent and the scars are practically invisible after three months. During the first week there will be some swelling of the eyelids but the majority of all patients can return to their normal everyday lives within 10-12 days.

More information about Blepharoplasty Operation

However, remember that each case and each patient may vary, and therefore this information should be taken purely as a general guide and explanation. It should not be considered a replacement of the detailed information that the surgeon Dr. Ruiz Ruiz will provide during the personal consultation and evaluation with her.

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