A facelift is carried out to achieve a younger, firmer and wrinkle-free appearance, through the use of a technique which consists of lifting and tightening the skin, operating on the dermis of the neck, chin, cheeks, surrounds of the eyes and on muscular tissue.

A cervicofacial lift can improve the more visible signs of ageing, tightening the muscles of the face, eliminating excess fat and redistributing the skin of the face and neck. The lift may be performed in conjunction with a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or a rhinoplasty (nose surgery), making the patient appear younger and increasing their self-confidence. Please note a cervicofacial lift will not create a completely different appearance, nor can it restore your health or vitality.

The facelift is performed in an operating theatre in a clinic or hospital. The patient will need to remain in the clinic for the night following the surgery, and can be discharged the following day.

How is done?

This procedure is normally performed under general anesthetic with the patient asleep for the duration of the operation. However it can be carried out under local anesthetic which renders the face insensitive to pain. All this will depend on the complexity of the surgery and the preferences of your surgeon

Normally this operation tends to last several hours, is performed under general anesthetic and requires a stay of between approximately 24-48 hours in the clinic.

In the cervicofacial lift various incisions are made in locations determined by the plastic surgeon, although they generally begin at the level of the temples where they can be hidden by the hair.

then extend in a line which passes just in front of the ears and continues behind the earlobe towards the back of the scalp.

If work is required on the neck, a small incision can be made under the chin. Generally, the skin is separated from the fat and the underlying muscles.

If work is required on the neck, a small incision can be made under the chin. Generally, the skin is separated from the fat and the underlying muscles. The fat can be removed or liposuctioned around the neck and the chin to improve the contour of the face. Then the underlying muscles, and lastly the skin, are tightened, removing the excess.

In a frontal lift, the incision is made on the forehead, hidden beneath the hair, or in certain cases, on the border between the hair and the forehead.

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Recovery and post-operative lifting operation

After surgery, if drainage tubes have been inserted, these will be removed after a couple of days; the bandages are removed between the first and the fifth day after the lift. For the first few days you will have a swollen and bruised appearance but within a few weeks your appearance will be normal. The majority of the sutures are removed after five days; the stitches or staples in the hair are removed later.

The results are very satisfactory, the face appears tighter and a youthful appearance is returned to the skin, significantly rejuvenating the face.

More information about the Facelift Operation

However, remember that each case and each patient may vary, and therefore this information should be taken purely as a general guide and explanation. It should not be considered a replacement of the detailed information that the surgeon Dr. Ruiz Ruiz will provide during the personal consultation and evaluation with her.

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