The treatment consists in the injection of filler substances or materials into the lips which are highly compatible with the lips themselves. The effects do not alter over time nor can be felt, providing a natural and long-lasting effect.

There do not tend to be any side effects and, if there were, they would be temporary, as these fillers that are injected into the lips have been tested against almost all forms of allergy and do not require other tests on the skin. The procedure lasts approximately 10 minutes and there is only slight discomfort. It is possible to repeat the doses to maintain the desired volume.

The different materials that exist to increase the size of the lips have different cosmetic results and different duration of effects. Autogenic materials can be used. Autogenic means they come from the individual him/herself, are normally taken from body fat or the dermis is used. In the case of body fat, the extraction of the fat is required from the patient via liposuction and is subsequently re-injected into the desired location.

How is done?

The lip augmentation procedure is simple, anesthesia is used to avoid discomfort and the injection only causes a little swelling which does not affect returning to everyday life the following day.

The lips are a very important part of the face and their volume can be increased naturally, providing a balanced appearance, proportionate to your face.

The improvement of the lips must be subtle, proportionate to the other features of the face and its general shape. Therefore we increase the volume of the lips slightly to best suit the person.

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More information about lip augmentation

However, remember that each case and each patient may vary, and therefore this information should be taken purely as a general guide and explanation. It should not be considered a replacement of the detailed information that the surgeon Dr. Ruiz Ruiz will provide during the personal consultation and evaluation with her.

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