The Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) the shape of the nose is changed, it is reduced or increased in size, the tip is changed or the angle between the nose and the upper lip is altered. Likewise the nasal orifices can be narrowed and congenital problems, trauma and some respiratory problems can also be corrected.

How is done?

A rhinoplasty should always be performed in an operating theatre, within a clinic or hospital.

Occasionally a simple local anesthetic which desensitizes the nose and surrounding area can be used. More commonly it is carried out under general anesthetic whereby the patient remains asleep.

The incisions are made inside or at the base of the nose, permitting the surgeon to reshape the cartilage and bones of the nose. The procedure tends to last between one to two hours, and in more complex cases it may last longer.

he technique generally consists of separating the skin of the nose from the bone and cartilage that supports it. The skin is then sculpted into the appropriate shape and then reattached to its support.

This procedure can be performed from within the nose via small incisions inside the nostrils.

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Recovery and results after rhinoplasty

Upon completion of the operation, a plaster cast will be placed on the nose which will maintain its new shape. Nasal plugs will be inserted to stop the bleeding.

During the first day your face will feel swollen and you will experience discomfort which can be adequately controlled with medication. After a week, or maybe two, the plaster cast will be removed and if stitches are used, they will be removed at the same time. Bruising and swelling will noticeably reduce from two weeks onwards.

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