What is a breast augmentation? Main differences between saline and silicone implants

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April 5, 2018
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We all know how important our appearance is to feel comfortable and confident with ourselves. Our body is a key aspect of our self-images. All of us are self-aware of some parts that may be improved. For example, women recognize the importance of having nice breasts, thence the size and symmetry of your breasts matter. In the last decades, breast augmentation has become a common practice, whose main objective is to make feel women confident and satisfied with their own body. Being happy with your own body enhances self-esteem and how we face the daily situation, in which our appearance is key. Here you can find what breast augmentation involves, the different types as well as the advantages of each type. Moreover, the best places where to practice a breast augmentation.

What is breast augmentation and what does it consists of?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty is the increase of the size of mainly women’s breast; it can also restore breast volume. This is carried out with the use of breast implants made out of a soft silicone gel shell or saline –salt water-; or fat transfer in order to achieve a round-shaped breasts, but also symmetry and more or less size. Through this surgery, you may balance breast and hip contours, which usually enhance fullness, womanhood, self-confidence and image projection. Besides, as already mentioned, breast implants are also carried out to reconstruct breast form, even after a mastectomy.

What types of breast implants are there?

Among the different types of breast implants, you may find saline breast that shapes in a uniform and firmed breast, these may be structured; that means the implants are filled with sterile salt water an inner container to make it more natural shaped. On the other hand, there is the silicone breast, whose container is filled with non-collapsing silicone gel. There is also gummy bear breast implants, which are quite similar to the traditional silicone gel, but with the tiny difference of being thicker and firmer with a bottom projection. Likewise, silicone breast implants can be textured, smooth, or round too, depending on patient’s needs.

Types of prosthesis for breast

Breast augmentation with prosthesis

This surgery consists on an incision along the underside of your breast, under your arm, around the nipple or throughout the mastectomy scar, this last one in case of reconstruction. Then the implants are placed through the incision. This procedure will require the use of endoscope or surgical camera to insert the implants in the proper place, and avoid their displacement. After all the surgery procedure, the incision will be closed with stiches. The implants do not last for a lifetime period, therefore, you will have to remove or change them after several years, undergoing another surgery. They need to be controlled by medical professional regularly.

Fat transfer breast augmentation

The fat grafting and breast augmentation consists on a liposuction that takes out fat from some parts of your body and injects it to augment the breast size. This is a suitable option for women who prefer a reduced increase in their breast size with natural results since is increases until one cup size. This procedure may be carried out with a tissue expansion too. The tissue expansion is the insertion of a silicone balloon expander under the skin near the area to make your skin expand as it adapts to the reparation. This procedure only implies small incisions, and not all the surgical process of implants. You should bear in mind that your body can reabsorb the fat; hence, the augmentation may not be as the desired.

Types of prosthesis for breast augmentation

Round prosthesis

This is the most popular breast augmentation with implants, and it may be also known as shaped devices. It makes your breast look like a compressed sphere. There are four types of projection that vary from the lower to the higher volume. The manufacturers also provide a range of smoothness and textures. This is the ideal option to achieve the desire firmness and fullness. This is a symmetrical breast augmentation, as perfection-seeker, it may not seem natural. Although, they are more-stable, they may shift or rotate.


The anatomical breast augmentation uses a texture surface that facilitates a mild tissue to adhere. This ensures a secure implantation and reduces the risks of contracting. The gel is the principal element that gives the shape to the breast. The difference of the anatomical implant is that the composition of the gel is more stable and retains its form. This option gives you the exact volume desired, and a more natural form with a flatter upper and fuller lower curve.  This type of implements varies depending on width, the height and the projection.  For this reason, it has a three-dimensional breast augmentation.

Tear shape

This type of breast augmentation has more projection at the bottom; it may be known as gummy bear breast implant too. It requires a subtle longer incision in the skin, but it has a more natural form. Its consistency is firmer and if it rotates, it may have an uncommon form in as much as the breast will be tapered towards the bottom and the top will be pronounced.

What types of breast implants

Advantages of types of breast augmentation

Anatomical implants provide a breast augmentation quite similar to a natural breast due to the proportion adjustment, the curvature is harmonic. It is the best option for patients with fallen chest that does not need a mastopexy. In tuberous breast, the anatomical implants have better results. This is suitable for thin patient.

The round implants, in contrast, fill the upper part more than the rest of the implants. This breast augmentation has a result a push –up effect. It is suitable for women who are not very thin and have already a good breast size. In patients with mastopexy and prosthesis, the elevation is bigger. They are cheaper and the implementation is more straightforward.

The tear shape implants provide a major projection, are suitable for mild ptosis, and lower nipples as well as satisfying the women who are seeking a natural appearance and have a lower and ample body. It is also convenient for women with wide set breast and short distance from the areola to the breast fold. These tend to centralize the nipple position.

Things you should know before getting breast implants

Once you have a breast surgery, this will be followed by other surgeries. Twenty-five percent of women that have a breast augmentation need to have another surgery after ten years since no type implant lasts forever, they get deteriorated and move around. It is usual that they leak and the shape modifies, mainly after pregnancy and loss of weight.

It requires a monetary fund to cover all the fee that are not include in the implants costs such as anesthesia, facilities and extra services. The cost varies depending on the doctor, the patient and the country.

Breast augmentation with implants has a different texture and touch than the actual ones. They have a natural-shape nonetheless.

Before making a decision, you can try on different breast size, so you can decide with which one would suit you and make you feel better. Furthermore, take into consideration the significant familiar history of breast cancer, obesity or smoker; you may have more risk and complication during and after the surgery if you have these factors.

5 best places to get a breast augmentation

Advantages of types of breast enlargement

The most popular medical tourist destinations for breast augmentation due to the cheap costs are Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Philippines. However, some prefer service quality and safeness in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Thailand. The surgery costs around 16.000€. This country has a huge international flow of cosmetic tourism seeking for affordable plastic surgery.

Mexico. The breast augmentation in Mexico costs at least 4.000€. With great fluency of North and South American coming to practice the breast augmentation, it has become in one of the most demanded countries for plastic surgery.

Brazil. You can have a breast augmentation in Brazil for approximately 4.800€. Brazil has become the leader of plastic and reconstructive surgeries in the world for the professional staff and accredited hospital.

United States. The most quality and advanced medicine can be found in the best hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. Therefore, you may assure a Hollywood breast augmentation for at least 6.500€ without insurance and extra fees.

Spain is also a recommended breast augmentation destination. Cirugia Plastica Malaga provides an accessible service with a guaranteed safe esthetical technic. If you want to know more about breast augmentation or are thinking about getting one, feel free to contact us and we will be glad of assisting you to solve all your doubts in our website and help you to feel more confident with your body.

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